Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Planting Seeds of Hope in the Northwest

The Bellingham Church of Christ

Prior to my conversion 17 years ago, I had plenty of dreams and goals. The problem was, none of them included ways of bringing spiritual hope to people. After becoming a Christian, that changed. I began to pray about ways to build up our local church, and as we all naturally do, I began to pray that we would find a way to plant a church in my hometown. God has powerfully answered those prayers.

This last Sunday I had the privilege of preaching at the Bellingham Church of Christ! The church was planted in the summer of 2008 by a courageous young couple from Seattle, Landon and Gina Rawson. After their conversion and training in the campus ministry, they felt called to lead a small group of Christians up north to Bellingham to begin a church. The hard work of every member in Bellingham is obvious and inspiring.

The church service was incredible. The meeting room was packed - they will soon be looking for a new facility, I'm sure. There were many visitors in attendance, including some of my relatives! Currently, there are families in the church from several surrounding communities, and God is helping them build a powerful presence at Western Washington University.

It is great to see what God has done with that small church planting. A few people, armed with seeds of hope, can make a giant difference. As we dream for God to continue to build a strong work in the Northwest, let's remember to pray for communities where we currently have no church. Let's build strong partnerships between our congregations to maximize the potential to reach our cities. Let's support our smaller churches with money, prayers and visits.

Most of all, let's never forget that God is in the business of planting seeds of hope.