Friday, November 14, 2008

By Jay Kelly

Every time I walk through our church courtyard I am reminded of a very special group of people who recently spent the day serving our church and our community.

This group of young men, Troop 72, and their willing and wise parents spent an entire Saturday scraping, sanding, caulking, priming, painting and eating slice after slice of pizza. It was a sunny, warm October Saturday, the 18th. Sullivan Brown, our local Eagle Scout, had orchestrated the entire day. His idea was to serve the community by helping to restore a historic building in his neighborhood.

Sullivan had called me months before to discuss possible projects that he and his troop could handle. He was interested in projects that would make a difference in our restoration efforts.

On our assigned day we were there at 8AM and everyone worked hard all day. God had granted us warmth and sun, which was key for primer and paint to adhere and dry. The original eighty-year-old leaded glass windows were set in wood frames that were in serious need of attention. Much paint was peeling, some wood was rotting. The boys and their parents followed the direction of their resident contractor-dad, Doug Shay and did an amazing job. Doug installed our new lights with the help of Jim Gore

I’ll always appreciate another reminder that there are people all over Seattle that are willing to work together to build community, preserve history and sacrifice for the good of others. Thank you Sullivan and your fellow Boy Scouts. We cherish the memory of your service and our beautifully restored windows.

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